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We make providing home care safer and more efficient.

Take a look at the challenges that your home care patients may encounter and how American Home Pharmacy can address them so that you are able to deliver better, more efficient care with regards to medication management.
Problem: Patients have six or more prescriptions that need to be refilled each month from multiple doctors.
AHP Solution: A personal home pharmacist will review all prescriptions and organize them.  All medications are then filled and delivered at the same time each month.

Problem: Have medication refills due at different times each month.
AHP Solution: American Home Pharmacy will synchronize all medications and refill and deliver them to the patient at the same time each month.

Problem: Forgets to order refills or unaware they need a doctor’s visit first.
AHP Solution: Our Patient Care Coordinator will call the customer or home care provider every month to review the refill medication list and notify them of any required doctor’s visits.

Problem: Have difficulty opening pill bottles or organizing medications.
AHP Solution: Offers multi-dose packaging or standard pill bottles.

Problem: Have to depend on others to pick up medications.
AHP Solution: American Home Pharmacy provides prescription medication home delivery to our patients each month.

If your client takes six or more prescription medications per month, call or fill out a form and we’ll put our team to work to make the hassles of multiple medications a thing of the past.