Do I sign a contract?

No, there are no contracts. You can discontinue to use American Home Pharmacy any time you choose.

What is the charge for this service?

There in no charge. We accept the usual and customary co-pays that you would normally pay at any pharmacy.

American Home Pharmacy accepts Medicare Part D, Medicaid and private insurance.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm, U.S. Central Time.

How many medications do I have to be taking to qualify?

6 prescription medications per household.

How do I get signed up?

Simply call 1-800-895-5390 to get started. We will go over your current medication list and make sure we understand everything you are taking. The only thing we charge for beyond normal copays and medication prices is a once a month shipping fee.

What if one of my physicians prescribes me an antibiotic or a pain pill after pharmacy hours?

If the medication is something you need right away then fill the script at any retail pharmacy you choose. American Home Pharmacy is for medications that you will be taking on a regular basis. If the antibiotic or pain pill is one that you’ll be taking on a regular basis, then we’ll incorporate them into your monthly medications.

How will my Doctor’s office know where to send my prescriptions?

American Home Pharmacy is able to receive prescriptions from your Doctor just like any other pharmacy. We will give you a blue prescription card to keep in your wallet or purse that has your complete list of medications; the card also has our prescribing information, which includes our e-prescribing info, phone and fax.

What is medication synchronization?

American Home Pharmacy takes all of your medications and our pharmacist works with your physicians to have all the prescriptions come due the same day each month. You will no longer have to go to the pharmacy several times during the month.

Will my co-pay be higher?

No, it will be the same as at any retail pharmacy but it will seem higher because now you will be paying everything at once versus paying it every time you went to the pharmacy to pick up a refill. If you need to space out your payments, we are willing to give you 30 days to pay your balance before the next refill date. We would prefer to keep a credit/debit card on file but certainly accept cash or checks as well.

How do you manage my refills?

American Home Pharmacy will call you 7 days before your refill date to verify which medications you need filled and to determine if there are any changes that need to be made. We will also let you know if you need to make an appointment with your physician to get more refills. Now you don’t have to worry about when you need refills. American Home Pharmacy lets you know.

Do you offer multi-dose packaging?

Yes, we are able to combine several of your medications into one bubble shaped packaging that will take the place of your medicine box.