American Home Pharmacy

Easy, efficient and safe management of multiple prescription medications.

American Home Pharmacy was created to make the lives of patients with multiple prescriptions, and their care providers, easier through streamlined and safe medication management.  All you have to do is provide all your prescription information and we take care of the rest.  Get stared here [can direct to contact us page or referral form] today.

Are you taking six or more prescription medications per month?  If so, you are eligible to become an American Home Pharmacy customer.  All the services that American Home Pharmacy offers are at no additional cost to patients and there are no contracts to sign.  American Home Pharmacy accepts Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance coverage [question: ALL insurance?].


Serving our patients and caregivers:

  • Free multi-dose packaging
  • Free management of refills
  • Home delivery each month
  • A personal home pharmacist for each patient
  • All prescriptions filled at one time each month


Helping home health providers:

  • Provide medication therapy management
  • Reduce hospital re-admissions
  • Keep your clients independent and at home
  • Offer multi-dose packaging


Supporting clinics:

  • Reduce pharmacy-related calls
  • Discuss ways to improve medication compliance with patients each month
  • Provide updated medication card with each RX change
  • Provide a personal home pharmacist for each patient