[note color=”#dde8f4″]American Home Pharmacy has kept me from having to stand in line at the pharmacy and wait on all those people.  I look forward to getting the phone call from Brittany each month.  She is so kind and considerate.
Jessie Lee Glover, Greenbrier, Arkansas, 92[/note]

[note color=”#dde8f4″]The pharmacy program has been truly a life changing event for our family.  Previously, we were constantly going to the local pharmacy, two or more days a week for refills for my mother in law who is 85 years old and unable to handle her own medication needs.  This was a very time-consuming process for us. We had no drug interaction input or suggestions from the previous pharmacy.  Your Home Medical program began with a personal home visit from Jeremy and his pharmacist to thoroughly explain all the details and benefits of the new program.  It was exactly what we needed and it has made our life so much easier.  We could not be happier with this wonderful team of professionals and experts and we are grateful for all you do for us.
Jim Pate, VALIC, Southwest Region[/note]

[note color=”#dde8f4″]VNA of AR has found American Home Pharmacy to be a valuable community resource for our patients as all health providers work together to improve patients’ understanding of their disease process and the importance of correct medication administration.
Denise Looker, VNA of Arkansas[/note]

[note color=”#dde8f4″]The number one reason for patient readmission to hospitals is the patients inability to properly manage medications. American Home Pharmacy’s program is a proactive step towards addressing this crucial issue. This type of program is going to be a necessity for all home health providers as well as acute hospitals.
Greg Harrison, Business Development Manager Baptist Home Health Network, Little Rock, Arkansas[/note]