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Medication Therapy Management

American Home Pharmacy simplifies the lives of patients who are on multiple prescriptions, and their care providers. If you are taking more than 5 prescription medications a month, you should be an American Home Pharmacy customer. We accept Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance coverage. Get stared here today.  

Serving our patients and caregivers:

  • FREE multi-dose packaging
  • FREE management of refills
  • Home delivery each month
  • A personal home pharmacist for each patient
  • All prescriptions filled at one time each month

Helping home health providers:

  • Provide medication therapy management
  • Reduce hospital re-admissions
  • Keep your clients independent and at home
  • Offer multi-dosepackaging

Supporting clinics:

  • Reduce pharmacy-related calls
  • Discuss ways to improve medication compliance with patients each month
  • Provide updated medication card with each RX change
  • Provide a personal home pharmacist for each patient